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New Dreams for Children in Cambodia

My recent visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia connected me with a grassroots school run out of a local’s home and patio. The school was staffed with trained English teachers and travellers with a passion. All are volunteers and the project encourages any travellers with a passion for helping out to show up and get involved. I did just that and fell in love with these people, the children and the entire initiative.
Cambodia is beautiful but it’s history is painted with people torn apart by war, landmines, the Khmer Rouge and now international sex trade. Their goal and mine is to give the children a dream, a hope, and a choice.
Most international schools and those run by local NGO’s provide a valuable service, yet there are still hundreds upon thousands of children living in poverty unable to access and afford this education. New Dreams is different. Together with myself and other generous donations, we plan to purchase land in one of the poorest communities in Siem Reap. The school will run in the evenings so children can attend after dinner without impacting their attendance at domestic schools. Its location in the centre of the city makes it accessible to all without transportation, and a token of hope for the future. These children stole my heart. They are so eager to learn and their smiles shine brighter than the sun.
If you are heading to Siem Reap and would like to visit New Dreams or  volunteer please contact me @ Details on how to donate coming soon!!!”
At this time $2000.00 has been sent to Siem Reap as a down payment for the land. The clock starts ticking and we now have 3 months to fund through my own contributions  and the generosity of others who want to give a dream to these children, the balance of $18,000 USD. I have committed to donating 5% of my sales in 2017 to this project but there is still much to raise.

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How to Donate

Details coming soon on how to donate directly. Or contact me at