When people are shopping for a new home, there are a few things everyone is looking for. The obvious ones being the right size, number of bedrooms, neighbourhood and cost. But just as important is the ability to really see the home as their own. They want to experience a certain sub-conscious feeling of ownership of the space when they view it. It helps a person emotionally attach to the house, in turn choosing it over other options.

When you list your home, you’re competing with all other homes in your price range and location. So showings are what will make or break you in a competitive market. A couple small steps can be the difference between selling or not. Like the saying goes, it’s the little things that count. Sadly for some,  you have to kind of remove your “self” from your house. De-personalize a little bit. Help your viewers make it their own in their minds. This can be hard to see when you’ve lived there for so long and spent so much time nesting, rooting and raising your family.

So here’s my 5 easy, cost free ways to improve your homes “showability”.

1. Clean off that fridge.

It’s probably been that way so long you don’t even notice it. It’s actually a sentimental spot for a lot of families. A fridge after all is a big memory board. Magnets from places you’ve visited, family pictures, shopping lists, and of course your favourite Realtor’s business card (wink). This step makes a big bang for no bucks. Clean off the surface for showing time and while you’re at it, clean any clutter off the top of the fridge and shine it up. You want to say to your potential buyers “this is your fridge!”.

2. De-Clutter.

Now we’re not talking about picking up socks from the floor here as I’m going to assume that’s simply a given. What I’m talking about is those knick knacks, collages of family photos and counter appliances that could be stored out of sight. Tucking this stuff away will make your home appear bigger, cleaner and more modern. It also allows potential buyers to visualize the empty space. So pack up those Royal Doultons from your late grandmother and that strange little ceramic bear your kid picked out for your birthday (let’s face it you hate it anyway). Clear your flat surfaces and get ready to sell that house!

3. Re-arrange Furniture!

Generally we position our furniture for comfort and convenience. Most times its all cozily nestled around the TV. Experiment with the setup. Don’t have your television be a focal point. Have a beautiful window or fireplace? Showcase it! Look for ways to make your rooms seem bigger, your floors seem wider. Sometimes even the smallest change like angling the area rug differently, or moving the couch, can have a huge impact on the perceived space of a room.

4. Let the Light In!

Open those curtains and blinds! Let the light in! Potential buyers love to see daylight spilling in through the windows of a home and it gives a bright and open feeling to any small space! A side note: Make sure you windex them and vacuum or mop the floor. Daylight shows everything!

5. Yard Work!

Just a little bit of elbow grease in the yard can do wonders for your curb appeal. Give your viewers a good feeling before they even go into your home. Edge along those walkways. Sweep the sidewalk. Keep the grass trimmed. Sometimes even something as small as a new mailbox, or a fresh coat of paint on the outside window trim can make a house look happy. And who doesn’t want to buy a happy house?

Whether it’s these quick solutions to make your home shine, or some small renovations and updates, I am always happy to help and answer all your questions. Call me anytime and happy staging!

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